The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

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Second critical patient, played by Melissa Helmstetterr is loaded into JeffSTAT helicopter from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. PFAS Assistant Captain John Muccioli can be seen through the door window.

Winter EMT Class Open for Enrollment

Please click on the Training tab to learn about and enroll in the next EMT class to be taught at PFAS

PFAS and Pennington Fire meet with Pennington Point Condominium Association.

Officers and members of PFAS and Pennington fire met with residents of Woolsey Court as a public outreach to talk about our fire and EMS services, what we do, how we are financed, how and when to get help. The discussions were well received.

PFAS and Pennington Fire representatives

Front row, left to right: Gareth Sutherland, PFC and PFAS; Linsay Becker, PFAS; Shelley Pennington, PFAS; John Muccioli, Captain PFAS
Back row, left to right: Rob Ross, PFAS, Chris Womack, PFC; Myles Ackerson, PFAS and PFC; Nick Gaudioso, Chief PFC; Neal Blackwell, President PFC and Trustee PFAS
Photo by Carole Allison, President PPCA Board, used with permission.

Soggy Pennington Day

Pennington Day was soggy but many folks still stopped by the PFAS booth for blood pressures, to talk, and for tours of the ambulances

Pennington Day 2018

PFAS members in dark outfits without umbrellas or raincoats. Left to right: Shelley Pennington, Tara Long, Rebecca Miller, John Muccioli.

Ken(Zay) Risinger

We were saddened to learn of the passing yesterday of Zay Risinger. Zay came late in life to volunteer EMS. He joined PFAS in February of 1998 at the age of 69 and was one of our main, week-day responders until 2009 when he retired from riding because of his health at age 80. He was vigorous to the end and responded to 1454 calls for service during his 11 years. He served two years from 2009-2010 as a Trustee of the Squad. He will be missed.

Zay Risinger 2005

PFAS Fall EMT Class Graduates 16

The fall EMT class has produced 16 EMT candidates. All are riding for Hopewell Valley Squads. More pictures from the class may be seen here.

Fall 2017 EMT class

Front row, left to right: Michael Manning, Jr., Ian Green
Middle row, left to right: Michael Manning, Sr., Janki Patel, Shelley Pennington, Laraeb Tahir, Julie Aberger (Instructor)
Back row, left to right: Cindy Orlandi (Instructor), Jeremy Borges, Lindsay Becker, Justin Boyle, Serena Celleri-Hall, Kate Linnehan, Kyle Devlin, Sara Griswold, Will Strong, Natalia Katcnelson, Zachary Thompson

Heather Varrassee, Knights of Columbus Shield Award

We were pleased that the Knights of Columbus, Local 7103, gave their Annual Shield Award to PFAS member Heather Varrasse this year. Heather was honored for her 20 years of service to the Hopewell Valley as an EMT with both the Pennington First Aid Squad and the Hopewell Emergency Medical Unit. Heather is currently the Second Assistant Captain at PFAS and an active riding member at the Hopewell EMU. She has responded to over 2500 calls for service at the two organizations.

KOC award recipient

2017 Shield Award recipients. Left to right: Hopewell Township Police Detective Louis Vastola, PFAS Second Assistant Captain and Hopewell Emergency Medical Unit EMT Heather Varrasse, Hopewell Fire Department Firefighter Chris Jones

Capital Health Mobile Stroke Unit Visits PFAS

Capital Health MSU-179 visited PFAS to show the equipment to interested members.

CAT scan unit in MSU-179

Head of stretcher and CAT scan unit secured to bulkhead on MSU-179

This unit, MSU-179, brings a CAT scan and the ability to administer TPA for ischemic strokes to the patient. It is expected that the unit will go on line in about a month and be staffed by 4 crew members including a CAT tech, nurse, and paramedic. The MSU will be dispatched along with ALS and BLS when the 911 interview indicates a high likelihood of stroke.

Members may see a longer version of this note, with more pictures, by logging onto the website.

New Officers and Trustees for 2017 Installed

2017 Officers

Back row, left to right: Jack Ferrara (Captain), Ben Tredrea (Trustee), Art Bogad (Vice President), Doug Kabay (Trustee), Thomas Tedd (President), Jon Guerard (Trustee, Absent), John Muccioli (Assistant Captain, Absent)

(Front row, left to right): Heather Varrasse (Second Assistant Captain), June Guerard (Recording Secretary), Joan Schwarzwalder (Corresponding Secretary), Kirk Schmitt (Treasurer)

Fall EMT Class Graduation

2016 Fall EMT class graduation

2016 Class
Front Row, left to right: Douglas Pszozolkowski, Lillian Alford, Nagima Alymkulova, John Bonasera III
Back row, left to right: Austin Pinkney, Stephen Nalbach, Stephany Manning, Ryan Finnegan, Donald Buglino, Christopher Sullivan

A ceremony for friends, family, and students was held to recognize the effort of 10 students graduating in this the 17th year of the Pennington First Aid Squad training center.