The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

The Pennington First Aid Squad Logo

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Left: Weldon, Betsy, and Ellen Bell march with the PFAS in the 1979 Memorial Day Parade in Pennington.
Right: Betsy Bell Combs starts her review of oxygen equipment during a recent EMT refresher class held at the PFAS.

This heart takes the cake!

Heart shaped Valentines Cake

Cake baked by Sandy Hill for PFAS EMT Valentine's Day class.

The Pennington First Aid Squad EMT Class took to baking sweets last Saturday, coincidentally Valentine’s Day. The 18-member class brought in cakes, cookies, chocolates and brownies to complement the day’s clinical topic: Cardiology.

This cake, baked by student Sandy Hill from Montgomery FAS, was a clinical-culinary hit, illustrating the heart's coronary arteries and veins. It was a genuine "learning experience" as students munched and reflected on the presence of cherry and chocolate chip fillings in the heart-cake: "Thrombi & emboli?" one student guessed.

Officers for PFAS for 2015

Officers for 2015

Back Row (left to right):Thomas Tedd (Vice President), Neal Blackwell (Trustee), Jack Ferrara (Captain), Doug Kabay (Trustee), Jon Guerard (Trustee), Kirk Schmitt (Second Assistant Captain)
Front Row seated (left to right): Joan Schwarzwalder (Corresponding Secretary), Daniel Boone (President), June Guerard (Recording Secretary), John Muccioli (First Assistant Captain)
Not in group photo: Naomi McCarty (Treasurer)

PFAS Winter EMT Class

The winter EMT class has begun. Registrations are no longer allowed.

Jessie Bailey

We were saddened to learn of the passing this morning of Jessie Bailey. Jessie served as Captain of the Pennington First Aid Squad longer than any other Captain, from 1980-1993. She was instrumental in establishing the PFAS dedication to education. Together with her husband, Richard Bailey Sr, she established the Cardiac Defender Program at PFAS in the 1970's which taught community CPR to hundreds of Pennington and Hopewell Township residents. She was one of the earliest paramedics and answered many calls as a paramedic back in the days when volunteer squads like PFAS were allowed to have paramedic ambulances. She instilled her daughter, Heather, and son, Richard Jr, with her excitement for EMS. From the 70's to 90's there were few calls that did not have at least one Bailey on the ambulance. She will be sorely missed.

PFAS Announces Winter EMT Class

A winter EMT course has been scheduled to begin in January.

Pennington First Aid Squad Acquires Lucas 2 CPR Device

The Pennington First Aid recently received a state-of-the-art Lucas 2, CPR device, generously donated by Dr. Kirk and Mrs. Bonnie Schmitt, both longtime members of the squad. This mechanical device provides continuous chest compressions to a victim of cardiac arrest.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a physically and intellectually demanding activity requiring many first responders. Successful CPR depends on several simultaneous actions begun as soon as possible after the victim’s heart stops beating: Chest compressions, breathing assistance, automatic defibrillation and transport to the hospital. The Lucas 2 performs the mechanical chest compressions while the crew simultaneously provides oxygen and defibrillation. The device does not tire and can operate in confined spaces where manual CPR is awkward and potentially ineffective. It can also continue to give compressions when the patient is being moved for transport.

The Lucas 2 has a suction cup that rests on the victim’s chest and compresses at the appropriate rate, rhythm and depth to allow the heart to fill with blood between compressions. The machine pushes “hard and fast” for effective CPR compressions giving the victim the best chance of survival.

Throughout the years, a number of CPR saves have resulted from the combined efforts of first aid squads and local police. Their rate of success will no doubt improve with the addition of this mechanical device.

Pennington First Aid Squad Captain Jack Ferrara, President Daniel Boone, with Lucas 2 mechanical CPR device purchased with funds donated by Bonnie Schmitt and Dr Kirk Schmitt

Pennington First Aid Squad Captain Jack Ferrara, President Daniel Boone, with Lucas 2 mechanical CPR device purchased with funds donated by Dr. Kirk and Mrs. Bonnie Schmitt