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Pennington First Aid Squad (PFAS) seeks dedicated and mature adults, senior citizens, and qualified students (must be 16 years of age or older) interested in serving their community and continuing the tradition of the hometown heroes who founded PFAS in 1954. Applicants should be eager to learn and apply EMT medical protocols to assist patients and their families during emergencies.

Please note that volunteering at PFAS is a serious commitment. We expect members to commit to a regular riding schedule of at least 8 hours per week; non-EMTs are expected to become EMTs within the first year of membership. We will only consider applicants who can meet these minimum requirements. Please take this into account before applying.

Why Should I Join Pennington First Aid Squad?

To experience what being a volunteer EMT means to others, see the video on youtube.

If you are an EMT seeking PFAS membership, please:

Fill out and submit our application, granting permission for a background check. Upload your valid professional rescuer CPR card, driver's license, NREMT or NJ EMT cards. Upon satisfactory reference and background checks (latter excluded for minors), you will then be contacted for an interview.

Paths to becoming an EMT with PFAS

If you are not an EMT, you may join as an observer through the PFAS observer program which allows you to ride on our ambulances for a limited time before you commit to becoming an EMT.

As an observer you:

Alternatively, you can:

Note: As of September 7, 2021, it is a requirement that members be fully vaccinated against COVID to ride on PFAS ambulances. Please do not apply for membership if you are not vaccinated or do not intend to be vaccinated.

By signing this application, you agree that all information is correct and truthful. Any significant omissions, discrepancies or falsehoods will result in the rejection of your application.

Email us- Clickable image of envelope- or call 609-737-0947 if you have questions

Fill out forms and join now