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The Pennington First Aid Squad
110 Broemel Pl
Pennington, NJ 08534
Phone (609) 737-0479
Fax (609) 751-9422

For operations, interagency matters or training contact the Captain

For ambulance issues and supply issues, contact the Assistant Captain

For matters relating to the building or the organization, contact the President

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Policy on Stand-bys

In the past, the PFAS has provided a dedicated ambulance for external groups hosting relatively large sporting events, picnics, and festivals. However, times for volunteers are tough and we find it increasingly difficult to dedicate an ambulance to a relatively small group of people while continuing to handle an increasing call volume in our district.

We find that few such events generate a volume of calls sufficient to justify a dedicated ambulance. Many such events are also spread out over such a large area of the Township and Borough that the "dedicated" ambulance responds effectively like a duty crew ambulance.

Therefore, the Squad has resolved that requests for such standbys will not be honored unless the Squad is notified at least 45 days in advance of the event. With sufficient notice, the Squad will attempt to staff a standby ambulance, but it reserves the option to supply one EMT on site with limited equipment or to require the event coordinators to call 911.

- call 609-737-0479, use this map to our building

Fax: (609) 751-9422